Would You Rather Have Flowers or Biscuits?

Would you rather have flowers or biscuits? I don’t just mean any biscuits! Have you heard of Biscuiteers? They are a traditional biscuit making business based in London, but will send their biscuits anywhere in the world.

You still might be thinking, well I’ll have flowers, I can eat biscuits any time. But not biscuits like these! They make biscuits as gifts that are unlike anything else on the market. They use only the very best natural ingredients to get their unique taste.

The biscuits are categorised into ‘Collections’ and launched seasonally like you would, fashion collections. Even though the business has expanded massively they still use old-fashioned non-industrialised techniques with their Icers creating fabulous unique designs. Every biscuit is hand made from start to finish with each one being totally individual.

Both individual customers and businesses love the unique personal touch of these iced biscuits. The Icers are experts in re-creating company logos, fashion designs and all sorts of individual products. They’ve even had a collaboration with Anya Hindmarch to create a tin of handbag biscuits, and made a circus tin, exclusively for the Conran Shop. Selfridges commissioned them to design a limited edition tin to celebrate their 100th birthday, Harvey Nichols had them create bespoke biscuits for the launch of their 4th floor. Mulberry, Swatch, Burberry and Boden are amongst other famous brands asking for bespoke designs.

There are designs  for every occasion; birthday party, wedding, christening, baby shower…..

You’ll find Biscuiteers in Harrods, The Conran Shop, Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges. Doesn’t that speak for itself?

So if you’re looking for that something special, that unique declaration of affection, don’t go for flowers, become a Biscuiteer and choose Personalised Biscuiteers gifts made by hand!

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