What Tarot Can Do For You

Tarot isn’t really relevant to today’s world, is it? You have to believe in ‘that stuff’ to want a Tarot reading and then it’s only for fun. No one actually takes it seriously because they always get it wrong anyway. Well, although it is very old, Tarot does have a place in today’s modern world.

The general consensus is that Tarot readings can provide insight, direction and motivation. I always say how a Tarot reading can be empowering. But how can it provide insight? What do I mean by direction? Where does the motivation and empowerment come from? Maybe some of you have left a Tarot reading feeling more confused thantarot1 ever or wondering what that was all about because it didn’t make any sense. I have left Tarot readings feeling that way. It’s not uncommon. So if that’s the case, where is the insight, the inspiration??

When you have a Tarot reading, the cards reflect what it going on below the surface for you. It can point to patterns in how you live your life that you may not be aware of. It’s usually easiest to explain with an example. Perhaps you get the 3 of Swords (this image is from the Witches Tarot) and even though you aren’t in a relationship at the moment, you have had a lot of heart ache in your life due to unsuccessful relationships. The Tarot is telling you that now may be the time to examine what is causing your relationships to fall apart. How are you a part of that and what can you do to change that? So you get the 5 of tarot2Wands (Lona Tarot) to explain what is causing the relationships to fall apart. This is an indication of conflict and tension. Considering the focus is now on relationships and your approach to them, it could indicate an internal conflict of ideas and desires. Yes, you would like to be in a relationship but do you choose who you think you need to be with or who you really want to be with? Now you have gained insight into a pattern that you may be repeating. You may be subconsciously judging potential partners with your head more than your heart. So what can you do to change that? The next card is The Hermit tarot3(Robin Wood Tarot). This is an indication that you may need to step away from relationships so that you can spend some time learning who you are, what you want, what is important to you in this life. That is the direction you can go forward in. It can also be empowering to now know what you can do about your situation to make it successful. How wonderful!

This technique can be used for any aspect of your life. Whether you are at a crossroads regarding a project, a relationship, a career or simple guidance on what is the next step to take in a situation.  Tarot readings connect your conscious mind with your subconscious, with your Spirit or soul. So how can you walk away not feeling like you connected at all? Maybe the Tarot reader got it wrong. That is always a possibility. Tarot readers are, after all, only human and are as prone to making mistakes the same as anyone else. However, before you chalk it up to human error, try to keep in mind that sometimes you could be on the cusp of understanding how the message fits in your life and the Tarot is giving you a heads up. And it is a message. A Divine message. If you want to live a happier, more content life, try not to ignore it. Even if just one tiny aspect of the reading caused a reaction in you, focus on that. The rest of the Tarot reading will make sense in time. Remember, that this is a process. It is not a quick fix. The Universe doesn’t really work in quick fixes. In order for any change or movement forward to have a positive impact in your life, it needs to time, attention and energy that it deserves.

If you would like to know more about how you can use Tarot in your daily life, sign up for one of my ‘Read Tarot for morgan-simonsYourself’ workshops. All times and venues are on the events page on the Purple Page Tarot website. This workshop is specifically designed to help you understand how you can use the Tarot in your daily life for your own benefit.

About The Author: Morgan Simons is a practising Tarot reader, teacher and mentor. Born in Canada and now living in England with her husband and children she is widely travelled. However, her Tarot journey began in a tiny little shop that opened up a whole new world allowing her to develop her natural ability to connect with Spiritual energy. Morgan is a full member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles and has extensive training through Biddy Tarot. Learn more about her Tarot readings and workshops at www.purplepagetarot.com

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