What Energy Is Guiding You In 2017

A new year, a new start, a new perspective, a new everything. A new year can help us to re-focus, re-think our positions in our lives and where we are heading. It is a natural time to consider where we are going, how we are getting there, what we don’t like in our lives and what we want to change. Winter Solstice heralds in a time of introspection. We almost get a sense of wanting to hibernate. The nights are long and dark, giving loads of opportunity to contemplate. Albeit, it is also a good time to catch up on movies and TV series we have been putting off watching. For myself, I am finally watching Game of Thrones. Despite that distraction, the change of date and long nights seem to pull us to go within mentally and spiritually.

I came across a way to find your Tarot card for the year. You take your birthdate and add it to this year. For instance my birthday is June 26 so I would add 26+6+2017. That equals 2049. I add those numbers: 2+4+9 = 15 and that is my Tarot card for the year. This card is The Devil. Woohoo! Not really. Not hugely excited about this as this means the energy of the meaning of the card is what I am bringing with me in the new year. I am looking at a year of facing my demons and fears. I know, instinctively, that it is time. I have some fears that have been with me most of my life and in order to move forward I will need to face them, confront them and let them go. Whew. I might be in for a wild ride!

So what would your Tarot card for the year be? What energy do you instinctively know that you need to have with you so that you can grow and develop as a person? Find the Tarot card that is yours for the year and maybe spend some time googling the meaning. That is a good way to start to understand what the card means for you. You will find many different interpretations which may seem confusing at first. However, be aware of what really resonates with you when you read. What physical reactions do you get? If you read something and you feel tingly, then that is something that fits for you. If you feel confused or body feels heavy, then that isn’t the interpretation for you. Tarot cards meanings are very personal and as there is no one on this planet like you, no other person will have the full exact meaning that works for you. If you do this, I would love to hear what card you drew and what that means for you. If you don’t know, that is ok too. Either way, comment below and I’ll respond. I would really love to hear your perspective.

About The Author: Morgan Simons is a practising Tarot reader, teacher and mentor. Born in Canada and now living in England with her husband and children she is widely travelled. However, her Tarot journey began in a tiny little shop that opened up a whole new world allowing her to develop her natural ability to connect with Spiritual energy. Morgan is a certified Tarot reader of the Tarot Association of the British Isles and Biddy Tarot. Learn more about what she has to offer at www.purplepagetarot.com www.facebook.com/purplepagetarot Contact Morgan at purplepagetarot@gmail.com to received her weekly newsletter and to join her FB group.

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2 thoughts on “What Energy Is Guiding You In 2017

    1. Card 12 is The Hanged Man. It brings in the message of experiencing your connection with your inner spirit. This may be a year where you are able to truly understand and accept who you are. It is developing a sense of inner peace and contentment. Sometimes this come after a particularly trying time.
      Hope that helps. Warm blessings, Morgan

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