Weekly Insight With Purple Page Tarot – The Sun

‘Children are happy because they don’t have a file in their minds called ‘All the things that could go wrong.” – Marianne Williamson

Imagine it’s a warm, sunny day and you are lying in a meadow. You see the colourful flowers surrounding you, you hear the birds singing in the trees and you feel the warm gently breeze tickling your skin. How do you feel? Is it a state of bliss? Of knowing that all the world is right and you belong in it? That is the energy of The Sun.

There is a certain amount of innocence and acceptance of life within this energy which is why a lot of Tarot decks have children in the image. Children are our teachers of how to live life on faith, in trust and with true joy. Is there a child in your life that has / can teach you about living in joy? Try to look at your life through the eyes of a child. Are there areas where you may need to bring a sense of optimism or acceptance of how it is? Allow the Sun to lighten your life and shower you with joy and peace.

About the Author: Morgan Simons is a practising Spiritual healer who incorporates Tarot, Shamanic practices and one to one consulting to provide guidance, insight and empowerment. Born in Canada and now living in England with her husband and children, she is widely travelled having personally experienced and taken teachings from a variety of Spiritual paths, allowing her to develop her natural ability to connect with Spiritual energy. Morgan is a certified Tarot reader of Biddy Tarot and the Tarot Association of the British Isles. She has been trained in Shamanic practices by Gizelle (a Canadian First Nations Shaman) and Steven Mulhearn (Lendrick Lodge). Learn more about what she has to offer at www.purplepagetarot.com.

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