Weekly Insight With Purple Page Tarot – The Emperor

‘In order to find stability in the world, we must first find stability within ourselves’ – Tyler J. Hebert

The Emperor is commonly associated as being the archetypal father. He represents social law, stability, discipline, rationality, honesty, respect, loyalty, consistency. These are the qualities we expect to see from someone who is ‘ruling’ our lives. These are the qualities that we need to learn from The Emperor, not through telling us, but through showing us. We expect the ‘father figure’ in our lives to teach us by example how to function in a world that can cause a lot of confusion and difficulty.

When The Emperor appears, the meaning can go one of two ways. There may be someone in your life right now who is having a huge impact on the decisions you make or the way your life is heading. If that is the case, then watch this person, watch how they live, watch the decisions they make and know what you can learn from them. How can you incorporate those qualities into your way of ruling your life.

You could also take this opportunity to recognize and accept the sense of stability, discipline and consistency that you already have. Recognizing these strengths within yourself can empower you to bring about the type of life that you desire. Do not apologize for these strengths. No Emperor would apologize for their abilities to lead and protect and you don’t need to either.

About the Author: Morgan Simons is a practising Spiritual healer who incorporates Tarot, Shamanic practices and one to one consulting to provide guidance, insight and empowerment. Born in Canada and now living in England with her husband and children, she is widely travelled having personally experienced and taken teachings from a variety of Spiritual paths, allowing her to develop her natural ability to connect with Spiritual energy. Morgan is a certified Tarot reader of Biddy Tarot and the Tarot Association of the British Isles. She has been trained in Shamanic practices by Gizelle (a Canadian First Nations Shaman) and Steven Mulhearn (Lendrick Lodge). Learn more about what she has to offer at www.purplepagetarot.com.

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