Weekly Insight With Purple Page Tarot – Ace of Swords

‘All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them’ – Galileo Galilei

I love symbolism. Nature can provide us with so many lessons just by watching and keeping an open mind. The moth in this Ace of Swords card is no different. A moth is guided by the Moon’s light. The Moon represents a high level of connection with intuition. The moth, then, functions in this physical world by following the direction of a higher intuition. The moth can be a lesson for you this week in understanding and accepting that to help you follow your path, you need to maintain a trust and faith in your sense of Spirit and what is truth for you.

The moth, however, does get confused when there is a bright light that overshadows the Moon’s light and can lead to the moth’s demise. The intellect in the Sword teaches us that we need to keep our thinking clear when we may be faced with confusion and distraction. By balancing your spiritual awareness with clear intellect can you begin to seek the truth that you need to know.

About the Author: Morgan Simons is a practising Spiritual healer who incorporates Tarot, Shamanic practices and one to one consulting to provide guidance, insight and empowerment. Born in Canada and now living in England with her husband and children, she is widely travelled having personally experienced and taken teachings from a variety of Spiritual paths, allowing her to develop her natural ability to connect with Spiritual energy. Morgan is a certified Tarot reader of Biddy Tarot and the Tarot Association of the British Isles. She has been trained in Shamanic practices by Gizelle (a Canadian First Nations Shaman) and Steven Mulhearn (Lendrick Lodge, Scotland). Learn more about what she has to offer at purplepagetarot.com.

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