Smooth out the ride on the Emotional Rollercoaster…..

….with the top 3 Bach Flower Remedies.

Dreading the in-laws coming for Christmas?  Lack of confidence to go to the office party?  Worried about being lonely over the festive season or whether you’ll stick to New Year’s resolutions?  This time of year can take you on an emotional rollercoaster.  You’re already busy, but the social whirlwind can be overwhelming.  Or you’re not looking forward to any of it for some reason.

One way of dealing with the Christmas and New Year festivities is to use flower remedies or essences.  There are loads of different ones available and the one most women will have come across is Bach’s Rescue Remedy.  The little yellow labelled dropper bottle of crisis management is one you can carry everywhere.  Rescue is the only combination mix in the Bach flower system and the mix of 5 different remedies can soothe and comfort you when you really need it.  From public speaking to parties and beyond, I’ve also used it for my driving and chainsaw tests (yes I have the ‘ticket’ to prove the chainsaw one & no, I didn’t do them both at the same time!).  Rescue Remedy also comes as pastilles, spray, lozenges and Rescue Cream is great for eczema & psoriasis breakouts or chilblained hands.

bach renedies

There are another 38 single remedies in the Bach system, each flower bloom essence covers an emotional state and is designed to naturally and gently move you from a negative state to a positive one.  Here are my top three remedies for the festive season that will really help you go with the flow.


I’ve mentioned Rescue Remedy already, but I’d seriously recommend this as a stocking filler.  Really helpful in emergencies, I’ve used this after the shock of skidding on black ice and snow in the car.  If the New Year fireworks frighten your pets, you can use Rescue for them too.  A drop or two in their drinking water a day or so beforehand, during the event, and afterwards for a day can really reduce their stress levels.


After Rescue, this is the next most versatile flower remedy.  If you find change difficult to adapt to, this is the one to use.  Not just for Christmas, Walnut is great for the big things like moving house, change in job, divorce, menopause and breaking away from old ties and restrictions.  I’ve used this with clients who find the seasonal changes challenging (SAD or even the coming New Year), with great results.  Walnut in its positive potential is having the ability to move forward and be able to make/ accept changes as they happen.  This is a good remedy for dealing with being cooped up with others or indeed being alone over Christmas.  Walnut helps you go with the flow and be happy in your own space.


If you get to the stage where you’re exhausted after what feels like months (never mind weeks) of preparation, Olive can help restore your strength.  This remedy can help refresh you after long hours of work or study too.  Also take this remedy when you’re recovering from illness or an operation.

bach remedies


You can take these remedies whenever you need them, straight from the bottle or put drops into water and sip periodically.  Remedy bottles are available from pharmacies and health (food) shops on the high street, but you can get the full range from practitioners like myself.  Look for BFRP initials, this shows the practitioner has passed the thorough Bach Foundation training.

As well as consultations via Skype, email or phone, I can make up personalised combination mix bottles for those who know exactly what remedies they need (up to a 7 remedies mix) and send them out.  Advice is always free – I love talking about Bach flower remedies to help you look after yourself!


Visit my website for more information, what events I’m at and sign up to my blog.  Or get in touch for advice or consultations – always good to hear from people!

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