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Now that we are in the festive season, most of us will find ourselves drinking a little more of the vino than usual. Days off work over the holidays often tempts us to have that extra tipple or two (or three!) the night before. Have you thought about what it is you are drinking and whether there is a healthier option?

Most people aren’t aware that grapes accumulate more harmful pesticides and herbicides than most other fruits. That means that conventional wines aren’t just alcohol, they also contain additional toxins. Do we really need to drink them?

Organic wine is made only from grapes that are grown organically. With organic farming no harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers are allowed in growing the grapes. No artificial or synthetic preservatives are used, no colours are added and nothing is added to alter the taste; and obviously nothing genetically modified.

Common sense tells us that less toxins and harmful substances means a healthier you.

Organic Wine Club doesn’t focus particular countries or styles. Their wine expert has been awarded the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) Diploma to professionally taste organic wines and handpick the very best tasting organic wines that also offer health benefits. They only choose organic wines that they are happy to drink themselves and think that members of the Organic Wine Club will love too.

They currently stock more than 180 different organic wines representing a huge variety of flavours and style. If you want to learn more about organic wine you can head to their guide on what are organic wines. You’ll be spoiled for choice: organic red, white, rose, sparkling and dessert wines are available. Their range covers plenty of regions too: from Old World (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Portugal, Austria) to New World (USA, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. Organic wine doesn’t have to mean expensive – prices start from £8.50 and currently the most expensive bottle of wine is under £40.

Join the Organic Wine Club by buying one of the pre-mixed Wine Club Cases, which offer a variety of flavours, styles and wines that suit your lifestyle: no sulphites added, vegan friendly, allergen free and biodynamic wines.

Sulphite Free organic wineMore than 30 bottles in their list are natural wines with no added sulphites. Read more about wines with no sulphites (preservative free) on their About Sulphite Free Wines page. In summary, these are natural wines that are carefully made without added sulphites, so if you feel your wine allergy stops you from having a glass of wine with dinner, you are now able to drink wine again! You can also find a comprehensive & delicious collection of Sulphite Free wines. If you want to learn more about wine intolerances including allergies, sulphites in wine and sulphur dioxide symptoms, then head to their guide for more information. Browse the Natural Wine Club Cases with no added sulphites. Buying one will mean you join the wine club and will enjoy 10% off everything!

The Vegan Society36 of their organic wines are vegan-friendly. You’ll find a selection of vegan wine cases and see the bestselling vegan wines. These are wines that were not fined or filtered using animal derived materials (isinglass, eggs, intestines). Browse through the organic wines. It is clearly marked which wine is vegetarian/vegan friendly in the tasting notes.

If you are wondering how to select both vegan and natural wines with no added sulphites, you can browse all wines that are certified organic, natural with no added sulphites, vegan and contain no allergens. There is even a case of wine that features all natural, vegan, allergen-free organic wines.

10 of the organic wines can be classified as lower alcohol wines. Browse through the low alcohol case as well on the Wine Club Cases page. You’ll save some calories and watch your waistline better when opting for lower alcohol organic wines. Note: Organic Wine Club do not sell wines in which alcohol was reduced mechanically (de-alcoholised), they do offer organic wines which are naturally lower in alcohol (around 9-11% abv).

6 of the delicious organic wines are as local as you can get – you will find a selection of amazing English organic wines. You have to try these high quality organic and biodynamic wines from Surrey and Sussex. These wines are sourced these from Davenport, Sedlescombe and Albury Vineyards. If you care for new wines, different wines or sometimes unusual wines you’ll fine some delightful English gems with fabulous organic flavours.

demeter10 bottles are biodynamic wines which were made in sync with nature: harvest and planting that is done strictly adhering to moon calendar and only herbal treatments. It’s hard to prove scientifically, but it is a philosophy or a way of life – whether you believe or not, these wines are expressive and made with lots of care and love. You’ll find some amazing delicious biodynamic wines.

Here are some of the cases currently available

Get the most value for money with our Introductory 12-bottle case of organic wines.
In this case you’ll find fresh sulphite-free white from Spain and more aromatic and rich one from France. Rose is an uncomplicated and easy-to-drink wine that will suit picnics and various parties where you need to stay light and fresh. Glorious sparkling wine will delight with its fruitiness. Reds are selected to offer variety – lightness and freshness of Cabernet Franc, typical Rhone blend that was used in Chile and more robust Spanish red from a region that neighbours Priorat. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Enjoy this extremely varied case of 6 organic white wines!

In this case you will find some note-worthy classics like Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc and also dry English white (a glorious wine from Sussex).In addition to that, there are a few more rich flavours to look for – unique and intense flavour profile of Portuguese white, fresh but very complex Spanish Godello and refreshing Spanish white from Mediterranean cost. Chilean Chardonnay is to showcase richness and smoothness from the New World.

We are celebrating our 1000 member order and thousands of bottles sold in 2016 since we’ve started this business in July 2016 with this Customer Most Enjoyed Wine Club Case of 6 organic red wines, which is mixed the following way:


2 bottles of Clos Henri Petit Pinot Noir 2015, Marlborough (New Zealand); whilst this bottle really does not need much introduction – enough has been said by Decanter magazine when they have announced this wine is Highly Commended and one of the rare in the list of wines to be certified organic! It is a red fruit, red currant and herbal explosion coupled with some bitterness and even further complexity. Think of chicken or, if you are vegetarian, mushroom and thyme dishes – this wine is complex and delicate to make your most exquisite dishes sing!


2 bottles of Sao del Coster ‘Pim Pam Poom’ 2015 from Priorat (Spain) which is, as the name suggests, an elegant and easy-to-drink style of Priorat; it is a gorgeous wine that is low in sulphites because of a careful & natural winemaking. They have proved that Priorat doesn’t need to be super rich and powerful, this wine is more delicate and so versatile! Match it with tapas or enjoy with meatier dishes.


2 bottles of Cannonau Sartiu 2015 by Giuseppe Sedilesu from Sardinia (Italy); a wine for celebrations as it is matured but vivacious red from Sardinia. It has sweetness from the grape, maturity from oak and elegant playfulness – a true gem! This wine from Sardinia, we were truly amazed by its juiciness, complexity but at the same time light-hearted character. Did you know that this area is one of four in the world with the biggest percentage of centenarians? Even Jamie Oliver thought so – it has been featured in his Super Food TV programme.
Enjoy these superb organic red wines!

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