Myth Buster Week 3: More gym time is better


So many people have a set time they need to be in the gym but don’t always make the most of that time.




I recently had sessions with guys who tend to spend up to TWO hours in the gym!
During this time they were having a lot of rest, therefore spending less timeactually exercising and lifting weights. The session they had with me lasted around a third of the time yet they were more exhausted than they usually are.



Many people find it difficult to actually get up and go but just walking through those doors doesn’t burn fat does it? So if you are making the effort and then not making the most of your time and the equipment available then its pointless.

How do you make make the most of it?

Leave your phone in your locker!

Its so easy to pick it up during rest and get distracted. More rest means less time training which means less fat burnt.


Stop Chatting!

A lot of people prefer to train with a friend, this is great for motivation and you’ll never want to let a friend down and say you aren’t going but it can also be a huge distraction when you get into a conversation in the middle of exercises. An easy way to avoid this is set aside some time before or after your workout for catching up and make gym time more focused on training.


If you go alone and don’t want to be rude to people being friendly just wear headphones and give them a wave, you can have a chat after.


Mix things up!

Everyone one has those exercises they like and dislike but that doesn’t mean using the same equipment every time will help you with your goals. The more you do the same thing the more your body will get used to it and soon it will no longer be enough to stimulate any changes. Increase weight for toning. Increase speed or duration for cardio.

If you feel you’re working hard and still not seeing any changes and would like some advice feel free to contact me using this website.

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Happy Training











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