Myth Buster Week 2: If I go to the gym I can eat what I like…yes?

A lot of clients have recently been asking Lee and I what exercises can they do to get abs other than generic sit ups.

Why? Because they aren’t getting any results and assume that the reason is lack of variety to the exercises.  Sorry to break it to you but even if you do a thousand sit ups or leg raises a day and still continue to consume a high fat and sugary diet they will never come through.  A flat stomach is not achievable without a clean diet!

The science:

Exercise only stimulates the muscle progression.  Essentially when we exercise we tear our muscle fibres in order for them to repair larger which leads to how you become toned.  But without the proper nutrition our body isn’t able to repair the muscles properly and so our goals cannot be reached.


The fact:

By feeding our bodies high amounts of fat and sugar and low amounts of protein, we sabotage the progress we hope to achieve from a workout.  Excess amounts of fat are stored and excess amounts of sugar are converted to fat and also stored.

One hour of exercise a day is not enough to counteract a bad diet so going to the gym is not an excuse to eat that pizza or cake etc.  Don’t reward yourself with food; you’re not a dog.

Fat can be stored all around the body but one of the main areas is the stomach, which is why you will not be able to get a flat stomach or abs without a healthy diet.

The Jigsaw Diet created by Lee, lists all foods that are good to eat and will help you achieve your fitness goals through proper nutrition.  It allows you to pick and choose how you eat them and is not a set structure.  You calculate how much protein you need a day and also which foods from the list to eat.

So if you need a little help with what foods you should be eating checkout the orange link above (Jigsaw Diet) and if you have any further questions then please drop me a message at

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