Myth Buster Week 1: Lifting weights will not make you look masculine girls!

I’ve come across a lot of women lately who think if they lift weights they will become ‘bulky’.

This lack of understanding is preventing them getting that toned look they really want.  I know all women don’t think this way but I have written this blog for those of you who do.

 The science:

As women we produce more of the Oestrogen hormone than testosterone. Testosterone is what plays a key role in increasing muscle mass.  So without adding more to our bodies it is impossible for us to look like this.

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The fact:

Lifting weights can actually lead to looking like this…







Believe it or not girls this women is a competing BODYBUILDER!  And it takes a lot of hard work and dedication (AND LIFTING WEIGHTS) to look the way she and others do. So please don’t rule out the squat rack or free weight section in favour of the treadmill or classroom because you think it’s the ‘Men’s bit’.

Still not sure?

Here’s how lifting weights transformed my body…I lost 2 stone in 6 months by lifting weights and eating a healthy balanced diet of carbs, protein and essential fats.  No fads.

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Happy lifting,




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