Make-up Gets Joy Her New Boots!

Joy has worked a for Marketing Company for 12 years. Although she loved her job, it had become very much routine and when she became pregnant with her first child, she knew she didn’t want to return to work full-time.

When her son Sam arrived, a year of maternity leave made her realise that work was the last thing on her mind and all she could think about was her new baby. However, the time to return to work came around much quicker than expected. Dropping Sam off at nursery brought a mix of emotions – nervous, sad, anxious and hopeful – that both hereself and Sam would be okay. Joy was one of the lucky ones, although Sam had a few tears at nursery drop-offs he settled in pretty quickly and she was happy leaving him there to enjoy his days with his new ‘friends.

Joy said she was looking forward to returning to work.

“Getting a bit of ‘me’ back, having conversations not about babies, engaging my brain and catching up with friendly faces from the office. I was able to return to work part-time. I soon settled back in, and it felt like I’d never been away. I’m not sure i’d ever want to return to full time work whilst my children are young so part-time working is great for me. However, it does have its draw-backs. I have no family living nearby, so in case of emergencies at nursery – accidents or illness, I need to take time off work to look after my son. The reduction in our household salary has not impacted on our life as such – but treats are fewer and far between. I can’t buy a new pair of boots without feeling guilty – and so I don’t. I long for a guilt-free shopping trip! Having a year off work and then returning to the job I had done for over a decade, I also found that I had itchy feet – I needed a new challenge and a new stimulus!”

younique Joy’s friend worked from home as a Presenter for Younique – an American cosmetics company. She’d never imagined doing anything like that, but as Joy watched her friend post information about the products on social media, she noticed how much her friend had changed. As her knowledge base and audience grew, she  grew in confidence. Joy had always been pretty shy, but seeing how much her friend had changed, and seeing how successful her business had become, whilst being able to work from home looking after her 2 little boys, it got Joy thinking –

“I wonder if I could do something like that.”

The companies mission statement (To Uplift, Empower and Validate Women) and it’s policies (not to test on animals and use naturally based ingredients), piqued Joy’s interest even more! The one-off payment (£69), no additional fees and no obligation to sell, sealed the deal and Joy joinedYounique in July 2016.

You can become a Younqiue Presenter and dabble a bit here and there in your spare time to earn a little bit of pocket money, or you can concentrate your efforts more to build a business with the opportunity a great income.


The support Joy got from her team mates was incredible and she enjoyed making new-friends and re-connecting with old ones as she shared information on her products. She loves the products too –

“long lasting, high quality make-up & cosmetics that I love to wear – and love to get a discount on!”makeup-gets-joy-her-new-boots

Joy told us that she currently does her Younique ‘work’ in her spare time.

“I’ve enjoyed it much more than I anticipated and I am doing it more than I originally planned and if/when child number 2 comes along, I’m actually considering giving up work completely in order to work at home on Younique more. Being able to not worry about getting time off work during school holidays and always being able to work around my children’s schedules will be great. And one other thing that has been great since July – using my commission, I’ve bought my first ever pair of Ugg boots – and I didn’t feel guilty about it!”

If you want to know more, take a look at Joy’s website or join her facebook group

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