Is Being Tall A Problem?

Being 5 foot 3, I’d be considered on the short side, and that does carry it’s problems; can’t reach the top shelf in the cupboards without a stool, every pair of jeans I buy are too long and the seat in my car needs to be so far forward you can just say squeeze in; in order for me to be able to reach the peddles LOL. But I think I’ve probably got it a lot easier than the girls who wish they weren’t so tall.

Sure, being tall has it’s advantages, and if you destined to be a fashion model, then you’ve been blessed.

But what about the problems it can cause and the things that make some tall girls wish they could swap places with us shorties?

1. People always need to bring your height into the conversation

Why is it that people always have to point out the obvious? ‘Wow you’re tall’, ‘My god, how tall are you? 5’9″/5’10”?’, ‘Have you always been that tall?’ Well obviously not ALWAYS!

2. Why are all bathtubs made for short people?

Wouldn’t you just love to be able to lie in the bath with your legs under the water?

3. Even the longest jeans are too short

So ladies jeans come in Short, Regular, Long, sometimes Extra Long, and now even Extra Short. But even the Extra Long is sometimes too short!

4. When a maxi dress becomes a midi dress

It can be extremely difficult finding clothes to fit, and even maxi dresses can sometimes be too short. You can get away with wearing some of them as a midi, but they sometimes just don’t feel right!

5. When you are taller than the shower head

Trying to wash your hair while squatting in the shower can be a nightmare!

6. Finding a tall boyfriend

Most of the guys you date end up being shorter than you. That’s sometimes a bit awkward.

7. Crouching for photos

Another awkward situation, having to crouch so that you both fit in the photo!

8. Not being able to wear heels

You already tower above everyone else, so wearing those fab heels you’ve seen would make you even more of a giant so you end up sticking with the flats!

9. Beds are never long enough

At least in a double or king you can curl your legs up, but you might find it a bit difficult having to sleep in a a single!

10. Doors are too low

Isn’t it a pain when door frames are so low that you have to crouch to get through them. Well actually they are standard door frames, but just not suitable for the extra tall!

But it’s not all doom and gloom for the tall girls who’ve discovered Long Tall Sally where style starts at 5’8” and shoe size 7. Long Tall Sally aim to be the first choice for tall women. Clothing is designed in house for the ultimate fit in sizes 8-24 and shoe sizes 7-13. Discover the world’s finest collection of clothes for tall women and fabulous footwear. Tall girls rejoice!

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