Female Training During ‘That Time Of The Month’

I’ve recently been asked… What are the best exercises to do at ‘that time of the month?’  As it’s when we most struggle to stick to our diet plan and exercise regimes and is a question many of us may wonder but not have the confidence to ask, I’ve decided to write this blog…

The good news is we no longer live in the 1950’s or urged to stay at home and avoid any physical exercise during this time.  It isn’t necessary and we now have better ways of dealing with it.

As we already know menstruation can affect every woman differently…

Cramp (Soreness in the abdomen) – This symptom is likely to hold you back any sort of physical activity because we need core stability and really don’t feel like doing anything.  However I find that being active usually eases the pain.  My advice is take a couple of pain killers go for a light jog or walk on an incline for cardio (nothing too strenuous) to loosen up.  The incline walk is still a great way of burning calories quickly but will be less pressure on your core.  Weight wise use machines instead of free weights.  This will also take away the pressure from your core and enable you to isolate the muscles you are training.


Back ache – The impact from walking or running on a treadmill may agitate back ache further, alternatively use a static bicycle.  The back rest on some bikes will give you support if set correctly and there is no impact from the movement or need to use your back to stay upright.  While lifting weights avoid any exercises that train back muscles, Trapezius, Lattimus Dorsi or Spinae erector. These muscles will always be working to keep you upright so instead of going heavy and adding more pressure to your back use lighter weights with more repetitions for any other muscle group.  This way you are still creating tension on the muscle and stimulating it to change but not at the expense of your back.  Seated and machine exercises would be better but as long as you feel the weight you’re using is not making you feel any more uncomfortable it should be fine.

Tiredness – Lack of energy will obviously prevent you from wanting to exercise. By making sure you have eaten a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates throughout the day you should have the energy to exercise. If you still feel like you need a little boost then you could drink a coffee or something containing caffeine to get you through once in a while.

Joint or muscle pain – If severe avoid exercise completely.  All exercise recruits muscles and joints, so to avoid injury it is best to wait for it pass.  Cardio should be avoided as it generally uses the whole body.  However if a specific muscle or joint hurts and you are able to exercise other parts of the body then do so, for example if an upper body joint is sore a treadmill will focus on lower body and would be ok. And the same goes for weighted exercises, if you can do some without using that specific joint then do so, for example the knee joint is not used to do arm, shoulder or upper back exercises.

Food Cravings – Eating fatty and sugary foods will make you feel bad.  Junk food does not contain the nutrients you need to fuel your body ready for exercise.  If you crave something sweet trick your body and have something that tastes sweet but does not contain high amounts of sugar.  My favourite is our protein doughnuts, this way you are eating right but satisfying your cravings too.

If you suffer from any other symptoms during your period that I have missed and you would like more advice on how to exercise when experiencing it or are unsure of how to do some exercises please contact me via our website.


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