Eekie-igo – It started with a pillowbed


It all started for Monique Robson when she became a mam.

I love the finer things in life and sometimes find it difficult to find quality items at a price I am happy to eekiigopay. After searching the Internet for a pillowbed for my oldest and finding the one I loved priced at over £100 (seriously!) or alternatives made out of thin poly-cotton, I found myself using my own mams favourite phrase “I could make that” and that’s exactly what I did.

eekiigoI bought some heavy duty cotton and spent an evening at the sewing machine. The results were great and I was happy in the knowledge it wouldn’t be a big deal when my little one dropped the toast jam side down, as it was machine washable and it didn’t cost the earth! 

At that point the true accountant in me came out and I calculated how much it cost plus my time and I eekiigorealised there was scope to supply them to other parents at an affordable price. My pillowbeds are still available to order alongside my other items, all made with the same basic aim; to provide quality items at affordable prices. I’m always expanding the range of items on offer, they currently include; custom pram liners, playmats, fabric storage baskets, girls capes, bibs and burp cloths.

And so Eekie-igo was born!

Check out Monique’s Facebook page, or her shop on Etsy

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