Do you plan your day, or soak it away?

Most of us usually associate having a soak in the tub with relaxing at the end of a busy day. Candles, aromatherapy oils, scented bath bombs, all to help de-stress. But does it always work, or do you spend the time feeling guilty? Should you be spending a bit more time with the hubby and kids cos you’re always so busy… or have you left the dinner dishes, or the ironing in order to get some me-time?

Just lately there’s something about switching to a soak in the mornings that I’m really loving! Just getting up twenty minutes earlier. I know the mornings are cold and dark this time of year, but that’s just it… after that soak you’re warmed through, I’m lying there in the lather, steam and total silence, planning the day… packed lunches to sort, what’s outstanding when I get to the office, what we’re having for dinner, what we can do with that extra twenty minutes I’ve now freed up in the evening, by lying here relaxing… I’m totally converted.
And… I smell just delish all day long from the gorgeous products I’ve always got my bathroom cabinet stocked up with (see some of my faves in the gallery below).

Mind you, pruned fingers aren’t attractive, so don’t get carried away and stay in too long….


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