Dawn Booth-Wilson Fine Artist

Dawn Booth-Wilson tells us how her love of art turned into her full time business

In 2003 my two young children were at primary and secondary school, and I was running my own interior and soft furnishings business in Richmond. It was very tough, especially after foot and mouth hit. I didn’t enjoy it and I was desperately looking for an alternative ‘something’.

I’d always been good at Art. It was my favourite subject in school, and I had always wanted to go to art college. So, I ‘took the Bull by the horns’, closed down my business and asked my husband if he’d agree to support me and let me enrol on a foundation course at Middlesbrough College.

Luckily for me, he agreed. It was difficult, the days were long and managing the children was tough. Despite this, I spent a year in college studying Art, and I knew I’d found my life’s passion. I went on to begin a textile design degree (something I’d only ever dreamed of). And it was Absolutely wonderful. I was well into my 30’s by this point in time and I was probably close to being the oldest student in my group (but not my year! There was a retired lady on the course too!). I embraced it with gusto and once the other students got to know me, and I found my real ‘student legs, it was brilliant.

In 2007 I moved across to Teesside to study Fine Art. I’d realised by then that painting and being free to create without boundaries was what I really wanted to do.

In 2010, after a long journey of both full time and part time study, looking after two growing children and running a busy household, compounded in my final year with my dad’s cancer diagnosis, I finally graduated from Uni with a Fine Art Degree. It was one tough road I had followed, but I was so proud of myself. And if I can do it, anyone can!

I now create art as a full time career and I continue to build upon showing work in galleries and in exhibitions. It is not always easy but despite this, I wouldn’t choose to do anything else.

I have a website which is essentially my ‘shop window’ www.dawnboothwilson.com

And I also create commissions for clients who are looking for that special gift or piece of art work. You can always email me to discuss ideas or you are welcome to ask for information at – dawnboothwilson@gmail.com

If any of you reading this have ever considered following your dream, my advice is, do it. I may not be rich, but I am finally following my hearts desire. I am an artist and I absolutely love what I do. Life is short. Too short to be doing something that you don’t enjoy.

Follow me on instagram; Artily_me or on Facebook; @dawnboothwilson
Sending you blessings for 2017,

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