Weekly Insight With Purple Page Tarot – The Emperor

‘In order to find stability in the world, we must first find stability within ourselves’ – Tyler J. Hebert The Emperor is commonly associated as being the archetypal father. He represents social law, stability, discipline, rationality, honesty, respect, loyalty, consistency. These are the qualities we expect to see from someone who is ‘ruling’ our lives. Read More


Weekly Insight With Purple Page Tarot – The Tower

Sudden change / Unexpected Event / Opportunity to be free from beliefs that held you captive This week sees another Major Arcana card. The message behind the Major Arcana cards is to be aware. The energy it brings is like an umbrella that can impact on every area of your life. The Tower indicates a Read More


Weekly Insight With Purple Page Tarot – The Moon

Illuminating the Truth / Spiritual Understanding / Intuitive Awakening The powers of the full moon are being celebrated and welcomed. You may be experiencing a heightened sense of intuition, as if you can see things clearly in a way that you weren’t able to before. It is time to see life in the full light Read More

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Browse The Best Bargains!

You may have noticed that we’re totally revamping our SHOP and filling it full of new stock for you. While we do that you might want to have a browse through our new supplier’s websites. We’ve added links to all of them on our ‘Browse Retailers’ page. GO THERE NOW and just click on any Read More


Weekly Insight With Purple Page Tarot – Two of Wands

Interested in Tarot and what the cards might mean for you? Morgan Simons from Purple Page Tarot has agreed to provide us with a card every Monday,  with a brief synopsis of how the meaning of that card can be relevant to your life. Our first card is Two of Wands. Over to Morgan.   Read More

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Let Helen Create Your Caricatures

Every year hundreds of people look for advice from The North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) about starting their own business.  Some do it because they feel it’s time for a change, others like Helen Wardropper  have spotted a gap in the market and turn to the BIC to support them in getting their Read More

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The World Is Saddened By The Early Departure Of Pop Icon

Born in London on 25th June 1963 Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou became an idols of the 80’s when he and school friend, Andrew Ridgeley, formed the pop group Wham! in 1981. He later went on to forge a successful career as a solo artist. Sadly George Michael died at his home on Christmas Day 2016 aged Read More